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ExactPay blockchain project

We have been working with blockchain since early 2010, and we believe strongly in the advancement of open source projects. ExactPay project propose solving the hard program necessary to speed up transactions, -making blockchain compete and go beyond those we find in the fiat world.
It has been a huge gap of what blockchain were able to do, and where we wanted to be!

“ExactPay is a FinTech project that builds financial technology and services that will serve the entire ecosystem of blockchain and cryptocurrency”.

  Reinsbakk, Project director

Bank license

A banking license usually takes 24 to 36 months;
16th of August 2017 we got first approval for a bank license, and an estimated time for final approval is 6 months after successful funding.
ExactPay Bank project is working on acquiring two bank licenses.

ExactPay bank will be a full-service partner for all developers who build DApps, Apps, and smartcontracts on the ExactPay platform.
In 2018 we start out by launching some basic features that we have been working on for the past few years: The Next Generation Payment Platform.

“We believe that our products for tomorrows solutions will make a huge positive impact on the entire ecosystem of blockchain assets. We are proud of the products we have built so far and those ideas we have in the pipeline, but not yet started on.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director


Blockchain Banking, Blockchain Secure Transaction String, Account module Fiat Crypto Gold Desktop Banking module, Mobile Banking module, App Banking iOS & Android, SMSW USSD Banking module Merchant Banking Platform w/Back office, POS ATM Banking Platform Bank Card module Credit Debit prexpaid Virtual VISA; MasterCard and UnionPay
Exchange module, Interest module, Micro loan module global credit system, Peer to Peer loan module, Loan Module Currency module Fiat, Asset module blockchain, Remittance module, Language module, White Label module
ExactPay Network Instant Global Payment Gateway for Fiat and Blockchain in any country at any time Instant asset exchange platform for any Crypto and Fiat currency

ExactPay Network
Instant Global Payment Gateway for Fiat and Blockchain in any country at any time.
Instant asset exchange platform for any Crypto and Fiat currency

“Blockchain platform with a full service Linux banking CORE built for instant transaction for all DApps, Apps and smartcontracts”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

One Blockchain FinTech Platform solution. Tailored For Thousands of Partners, and you!

We propose to be the alternative blockchain App platform.
We have built the Main and Basic functions to support a whole blockchain financial ecosystem, -You build the rest on this soon to become world's leading prototyping and collaboration blockchain transaction platform.
-built for confirming high volume of 1 satoshi Flash Micro Payments, in milliseconds.

“we just cannot sit and wait for someone to do the innovations of tomorrow for us. Having multiple choices in the way to use, spend, receive, invest and hold blockchain assets it’s one of the criteria’s for mass adoption, alongside making it easy and effortless.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

We turn any smart device into a point-of-sale terminal

Anyone can start accepting fiat from MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay and so on.
Anyone can accept cryptocurrency and instant convert to local currency.

“Anyone from anywhere can start accepting payment in any form of asset in a matter of seconds. – accepting Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay or Cryptocurrency on any smart device, -or on existing NFC POS terminal is a criterie before mass adoption can start.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Card Service

Credit Card, Debit Card,
Paid up Cards, Virtual Cards,
NFC wallet, MasterCard, VISA, UnionPay

accepted in more than 200 countries, 37 million places for Visa, 36 million for MasterCard, 20 million for UnionPay: So, we've got you pretty much covered in the fiat world.
-We instantly exchange your blockchain assets of choice, at the exact moment you chose to pay with cryptocurrency, -when using your Card or NFC wallet. The same effortless procedure goes for when paying in Cryptocurrency, just Tap`N Pay.

“Before a mass adoption can start in the fiat world, there are a few things we must sort out. – Giving merchants the guarantees they need in an all in one simple and effortless solution is one of them. ExactPay`s VPOS Apps & merchant account with instant transfer is what we propose for this solution of mass adoption in the fiat and Crypto world.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Accounts Any Fiat & Cryptocurrency

Multi-crypto asset account integrated into a multi-currency fiat account. Create any account and have access to a back-office that serve all your needs.

Create crypto accounts, fiat accounts, merchant account for fiat & crypto,
crypto & fiat NFC wallet, MasterCard account, VISA account, UnionPay account,
credit account, fine gold 0.9999 account, crypto cold storage account, savings accounts, loan account, investment accounts, P2P loan account.

“ExactPay Bank will evolve into a group of financial companies that will hold multiple and different types of Banking and Financial licenses around the world, -Our mission is to produce FinTech technology that will work anywhere for anyone, – not relying on others when it comes to serving the entire ecosystem of blockchain.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Desktop Banking Platform

A platform where account holders can operate all functions of their accounts.
Register new customers, Secure mobile App, secure-ID login, Check account balance, Account overview, Create new accounts, Latest transactions, Transaction overview, Payment of bills, Transfer to own and other internal platform accounts internal or to any other bank, Create transfers to new customers that will receive an account
by SMS message, One time SMS authentication code for transfer and payment, Scheduled future payments and transfers, Merchant account, manage NFC/contactless payment-capable point-of-sale terminals and App with merchant back-office, Corporate bulk salary and split payments, Settings of contact information, Users guides for Help, order ExactPay Credit Card, Debit Card or Virtual Card and Lock and Unlock card function.

“Access anywhere, anytime, on any device created for everyone

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Mobile Banking Platform

This is a mobile optimized-platform where all account holders have the same options as the desktop banking platform, -a mobile platform where account holders can operate all functions of their accounts.

We all know banks are difficult to work with when it comes to opening a corporate or private account outside your country. It’s not that your old bank is restricted by banking laws that make them behave this way, it’s the fact that they are plain and simple OLD. ExactPay project believes the future of payment and banking is shifting in the same way we now have been witnessing happening in the telecom business: You bring your smartphone abroad, and the operator does not charge you any extra for making or receiving a call, SMS, MMS or when you use your 4G.

“In these exact types of change and services is somewhere we will find the future of global payment and banking.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Android & iOS Banking APP

Built for secure encrypted banking on Android and iPhone. Account holders can download our smartphone App with basic standard fast banking services with features including our own blockchain secure-ID authentication, transfers, and payments, register new customers, share the App via SMS to new customers, transfer to other mobile accounts, instant transfer to a phone number, payment of bills with camera scanner, check account balance, order account statement, cardless ATM withdrawals, NFC payment, encrypted SMS banking if internet is not available, settings & information, users guides for help, order credit card, debit card or virtual card and lock and unlock card function.

Blockchain Secure Transaction String

It’s a new way to safeguard and authorize transactions.
Our Blockchain Secure Transaction String was the first thing we focused on building when we realized that what we set out to do could be done.

Blockchain Secure Transaction String & Secure ID application is our 4-dimensional blockchain security method, and for the past two years we have been leveraging that technology to complete and provide crucial keys on our FinTech blockchain platform, built for instant payment and settlement in any asset around the world.

Instant Asset Exchange Module a part of ExactPay platform

The platform can facilitate instant trade, exchange and convert all Fiat and Blockchain assets. Anyone can participate by developing and or deliver services on top of our exchange module, -a network and infrastructure for Crypto and Fiat financial institution to link up with for full AML, KYC and AC documentation on blockchain and Fiat assets.

“Built for frictionless payment, settlement and exchange for anyone, anywhere at anytime.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Instant Global Payment Gateway

Immediate payment, instant settlement, any asset, instant spendable for anyone, anywhere at anytime.

A part of the ExactPay Network, and built for a wide spread acceptance and reoccurrence among merchants, companies and individuals to start accept, use, and hold blockchain assets, cryptocurrencies, and to settle any transaction in crypto or fiat. This is a global blockchain cloud-based and ground network bank-to-bank challenger platform that will be built to set aside MASTERCARD, VISA and such global payment network e.g. VisaNet.

“The next generation transactions gateway built for instant, -accept, finalized and settle transaction in any asset –irrespective of region, country, bank or form of assets.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

Bank Agent

Become a privileged Bank Agent by investing in the first 6 hours of the ICO.
-up to 10% payout of our earnings on your portfolio of merchants and customers.

“All Bank Agents can apply to become a certified Bank Agent and get access and those extra privileges that come with being a certified Bank Agent.”

 Frode Reinsbakk, Project director

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